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Monday, January 03, 2011

My top posts for 2010 over at Boarding Area

Nearly a year ago I moved my blog from this site to Boarding Area, home to several blogs with a business and frequent flyer travel focus. I notice there are still many people reading this old site - please click here to the Boarding Area home of Musings of the Global Traveller.

The most popular posts of 2010, based on views, made in the other location are:

  1. All A380 routes - all scheduled routes operated with A380 aircraft (all airlines) [continues to be updated]
  2. Frequent flyer mileage expiry - mileage expiry policies for all major frequent flyer programs [continues to be updated]
  3. Lifetime elite airline status - lifetime elite status qualification and benefits for all major frequent flyer programs [continues to be updated]
  4. Super easy Star Alliance gold status with Aegean - by far the easiest way to top elite status with Star Alliance, and is still live
  5. New Qantas first class (A380) - now 2 years old but still popular as it remains one of the better first class offerings in the air
  6. A380 business class comparison Emirates, Qantas and Singapore - surprisingly more popular than my A380 first class suites comparison Emirates, Qantas and Singapore
  7. HON Circle mileage run by private jet - a number of readers got this airline status (with extra special benefits) for low cost, and in great comfort
  8. US tourist tax (ESTA fee) starts 8 September & already inflated
  9. Frequent flyer questions on status - part of a series of posts answering questions from readers of Wendy Perrin's Perrin Post
  10. bmi Diamond Club timeline for closure revealed by Lufthansa