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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Inaugural flights

While I missed out on the inaugural flight that I really, really wanted - the first A380 passenger flights (on Singapore Airlines) - I did get a consolation prize of sorts. For in the past couple of weeks I have had 3 inaugural flights, one of which was the first flight in a network not just for a route.

They reminded me how much fun inaugural flights can be, but also that they are difficult to plan around if you have a busy schedule. The network inaugural changed both date and route with little notice which took some effort for me to rearrange my plans to make the new start. I made it with just a few hours to spare.


Steamboat Lion said...

ok, so what were the three inagural flights?

The Global Traveller said...

Auckland to Vancouver on Air NZ.

Pacific Blue inaugural domestic flight in New Zealand (on any route) - Auckland to Wellington.

Later the same day the inaugural Pacific Blue Wellington to Auckland flight.

None of them match in the slightest the razzamatazz of the Singapore Airlines A380 inaugural.