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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Quick Questions

I get a stream of travel questions in my email, which I'm happy to help answer. Sometimes I get questions posted as comments on unrelated posts. Those are generally more difficult to deal with, in that replying as a comment is off topic for the post and if I don't have an email address I can respond privately.

Email is my preferred medium for dealing with travel questions, but copying the idea from One Mile at a Time, I'm also happy for questions to be asked as comments in this post.


Anonymous said...

Global Traveler,

I've been trying to figure out why the tax on my international flight from the United States to Germany is almost double the cost of the flight? Any ideas, oh wise travel blogger?


The Global Traveller said...


That does sound unusual but certainly not impossible. I've had fares where "taxes" are higher than the air fare.

Some airlines/travel agents will give a tax breakdown. If you have a tax total with a string of letters and numbers (on paper tickets this appears near the bottom) then we can decifer and explain what it means.

For example YQ is the code for fuel surcharges. All the taxes have their own codes.

If you don't have a tax breakdown you can ask the airline or travel agent to give you one.

Somebol said...

Have u done a turnaround to Guam? What was the craziest turnaround you ever did?

The Global Traveller said...

I haven't (yet) done a turnaround in Guam.

The craziest would be with a group of friends when we flew the inaugural flight for Singapore to Newark nonstop (over 18 hours flying), had 4 hours in Newark, and then flew the nonstop right back to Singapore. It was a lot of fun (and not much sleep).

The Global Traveller said...

You can read about my turnaround in Guam (which almost came unstuck due to immigration computer failure), on my Flyer Talk trip report.