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Monday, February 27, 2006

A first for me

A couple of days ago I experienced an odd travelling first (for me). I was locked into the airline lounge!

We were in transit on a lightly loaded flight, the only one operated by this airline at this airport for several hours. When the flight was called for boarding I took a minute to gather my belongings and head out of the lounge, when I found the lounge doors locked. There are some times when it would be great to be locked in, but not this day for I really needed to make the flight.

Fortunately a cleaner was able to let me out a back door (and that didn't lead to the other side of security and immigration) and so no harm done. The lounge warden had just started looking for me as they wanted to close the aircraft doors to push back. What I dont understand is how the lounge warden failed to see that one passenger had been left behind. Its not as if I was in the toilet or shower at the time boarding was called, and thus difficult to see.

Happy travels everyone.

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