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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Update on the UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax rise

I earlier posted about the doubling of UK's Air Passenger Duty (APD) tax effective 1 February 2007, and the retrospectivity of it. The airlines have now had time to consider how they will deal with the practical problem of payment of the higher taxes for those who had already ticketed when the increase was announced for flights on or after 1 February 2007.

The BBC reports on the decisions of some UK airlines:

  • Ryanair has advised passengers must pay the increase by the day before departure - there will be no facility to pay at the airport and they won't bear the cost (booo)
  • Jet2 will just take the money off passenger's credit cards (wonder how many disputed payments the credit card companies will get from that nastiness?)
  • British Airways has advised they will bear the cost and not attempt to collect it (presumably the costs of collection are excessive and besides this is a chance for some good PR after a string of recent bad publicity)
  • Easyjet didn't advise what they intend doing - I hope they make up their mind soon!

With such diverging approaches, one thing we can count on is confusion and chaos at the UK airports come 1 February. It is not yet too late for the UK government to stop the nonsense by removing the retrospectivity of the tax increase.


Tony said...

had an e-mail from ryan air today, they just going to take the money from the card we used to pay... not happy as booked in october

Smith said...

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