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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Possible EU aviation security changes

A few changes are being considered by EU parliament.

  1. Carry on size restrictions which were due to come into effect 6 May have been delayed to 2008 (source EurActiv).
  2. Calls to harmonise rules, especially between EU and US (source oceanfm). See my entry on recent experiences for examples of how the supposedly similar security rules are actually different in terms and/or interpretation.
  3. Sky marshalls have been approved effective end 2007 (source EUobserver). Terms yet to be determined.
  4. With the six month limit on the liquids restriction regulation approaching, Commissioner Jacques Barrot states (through spokesman) that the continuation will be in place and that "no modifications are expected" (source Avionews). This is disappointing as some recent comments made by various Members of European Parliament (MEPs) said the rules would be changed to provide for the restrictions only at times of especially heightened security needs, not on a continuous basis.

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