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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Plane mad

I'm in the middle of a travel schedule so hectic that even with my sheer enjoyment of travel I am left wondering if I have bitten off too much.

I recently flew the 50th and last unflown domestic route of a particular airline. A day later they confirmed 3 new routes will be starting in six month's time! Flying the last dozen or so routes this year was like a challenging jigsaw puzzle fitting in airline schedules, some very inconvenient for me, my available time and reasonable cost. I was great seeing so much of the countryside from the air, much of it flown over many times - seeing the effects of changing weather and seasons in the beautiful landscapes below.

In a couple of days I attempt my fastest round the world (RTW) for fun (and to rack up some frequent flyer miles in a hurry!). Some 2 1/2 days after I head eastward I arrive back (hopefully) where I started. I have a couple of connections I am wondering just how easy they will be, and of course I am already thinking about things that make the trip easier - like where can I get showers en route, where can I check in for onward flights with the least hassle.

More later. Happy travels.

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