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Friday, June 01, 2007

New Qantas First Class Lounges at Sydney and Melbourne

Through a stroke of good timing I have managed to use both new Qantas first class lounges (Sydney and Melbourne) in the past week, just days after they opened.

Naturally Qantas is hyping them. Take a tour here.

They are a vast improvement on the old first class lounges which frankly were an embarassment to Qantas for supposedly the best lounges at their hubs (some argue the domestic business lounges were better!).

There are still some kinks in the service to iron out, and the frequent requests for your boarding pass so they can track usage are annoying. Nonetheless they are very nice lounges, in the top echelon of lounges worldwide, but certainly not the very best and probably not in the top three.

Hopefully this spurs other airlines competing with Qantas to improve their offerings.

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