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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Report on Virgin America ... rescheduled

I'd hoped by now to give a personal report on flying Virgin America. Unfortunately I had the bad luck to schedule a trip the same day the worst storm in decades hit San Francisco, and so I didn't end up flying.

Source: SFGate

I can report on the ground experience at Los Angeles. Check in was good and very easy. Once airside, the lack of departure monitors and incorrect information showing on the gate screens was annoying. With every flight this day impacted by the bad weather it was hard to get any information - even though I was in first class on a cancelled flight (and then another cancelled flight). Still, they promised to refund my fare instead of forcing me to hold it in credit. The refund hasn't come through yet, but it rarely is quick with any airline so this isn't unusual.


Jessica said...

I'd love to hear what progress, if any, you've seen on that refund. I was promised a refund on 10/07/07, after an original promise on 7/19/07, and still have seen $0 of a $583 refund due. The credit is about to expire.

The Global Traveller said...

Apologies for not updating. The refund came through a couple of weeks later. In my experience this delay is normal with airlines (they don't refund too quickly in order to discourage speculative bookings).

In your case 10 months is far too long. Have you disputed the charge with your credit card issuer?