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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Crazy travel idea

Some people know I've been working on a crazy travel idea (okay more than one but I'm only sharing a few ideas today) the past few years.

Flying to every current destination of a major airline.
I first achieved last year and have maintained with 2 additional destinations this year - all 52 destinations flown to on the airline.

Flying every current domestic route of each of the 3 main airlines in a country.
I achieved this earlier in the month - all 62 combinations of route and airline.

Flying on every current route of a major airline.
I'm not there yet, the airline has 107 current routes, but I'm getting closer. Scheduling these around other commitments has proved to be quite a challenge for me.

I thought I was very close to finishing the last one, until someone pointed out I'd overlooked a summer-only seasonal route. So I still have 5 routes to fly at time of writing, not the 4 I thought I had.

Oh yes, I truly love to travel and am always thinking about more travel ahead.

I'm not the only person to have crazy travel ideas. Someone with a more inspirational crazy travel idea is Chris Guillebeau. More on his idea (and my other crazy travel ideas) in a later blog entry.

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CG said...

Thanks for the link! I appreciate that.

The great Kiwi Flyer certainly has some significant travel goals of his own. :)