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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Missing mileage credits and incorrect posting of points and miles

I’ve been reminded again how important it is to check points and miles have been posted correctly, and to follow up if necessary. Those who travel frequently and don’t keep an eye out may be missing out on a lot.

In my case I have several flights on a few different airlines dating back to last October which have either not been credited at all to my selected frequent flyer programs, or have posted at the wrong rate. I am also chasing up some missing hotel stay points from recent stays.

When requesting missing mileage be credited, or an adjustment to the amount posted, it is important to have the information that the FFP or frequent stay program may need. Dates, paid fare or rate, booking class of flight, ticket or reference numbers, copies of the boarding pass or hotel receipt.

Assuming they all post as I hope, all up it will be about 70,000 miles/points. Well worth spending a bit of time following up, although of course it is annoying to need to – why can’t they credit correctly in the first place?

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