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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Using tools for different purposes than the designed one

Twitter has been mentioned in media a bit lately as being a social networking phenomenon in part because it is being used in ways never envisaged by the creators.

I must admit I have an inquisitive mind and I've spent a bit of time on various sites seeing if I can adapt them to other uses. One site I've been looking at recently is Jetrecord - an online flight log for pilots. I'm no pilot but I'm playing with it to see if I can use it to keep track of my many flights and at the same time provide customisable maps of my travels. Here is an example map page I have set up.


Daniƫl E. Cronk said...

I really like

for tracking my flights....

utsire said...

It's a positive step. Glad to see that even @British_Airways is merrily tweeting away. There's even a creditable mix of marketing/ customer support/ banter. Information overload here we come.