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Thursday, August 06, 2009

How to get to | Trinidad and Tobago

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Trinidad and Tobago

Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is a ferry across the strait from Venezuela, and many cruise ships stop over at Port of Spain. Airlines flying to Trinidad and Tobago include (all to Port of Spain on Trinidad unless otherwise specified):
  • Star Alliance - Continental
  • Oneworld - American, British Airways (Port of Spain and Tobago)
  • Sky Team - Delta (Port of Spain and Tobago)
  • Other selected - several Caribbean based airlines, Virgin Atlantic (Tobago only)

TIP On the Caribbean airlines the cheapest fares tend to be only available booking directly (on website if airline has one).

TIP Port of Spain is a useful stop on a Oneworld RTW or award ticket. The prohibition on mileage earning and redemption for American AAdvantage on British Airways trans-Atlantic flights and BA Executive Club on American trans-Atlantic flights does not apply for flights via the Caribbean.

TIP A few European low cost airlines fly to Tobago.

UPDATED November 2009 - Continental switch from Sky Team to Star Alliance. No change to advice.


trinifox said...

So ... perharps it is worth mentioning that there are direct non-stop flights to Port Of Spain on the major carriers' hubs eg Houston-POS; Toronto-POS; NYC-POS; London-POS etc

Also: If you're a sun and sand tourist go to tobago for a nice laid-back time; If you're a business tourist head for Trinidad for a bustling time. There is the ferry (several options) and short hop flights across to/from tobago several times daily.

For the most part, rent a car and pick up the tourist board's free guide book in the airport and cruise terminals.

Belle said...

One should really discriminate between Tobago and Trinidad. Following the update for airlines flying to Tobago (July 2012):
There are a number of Airlines flying into Tobago at least once every week. Apart from the private charter company Briko, all Airline tickets can be purchased online or via travel agents in the UK, USA or continental Europe. All Airlines offer inter Caribbean Island travel on the “via” destinations of the region.
Flying in from the USA there is only one airline offering direct flight to Tobago, Caribbean Airlines. However, American Airlines as well as Continental Airlines and Delta Airlines offer flight from various locations in the USA to Trinidad, from where a 25 minutes flight can connect you into Tobago. There are two high speed ferries serving the inter-island travellers (2.5 hours sailing).
Caribbean Airlines
Serving the travellers from the United States of America, Caribbean Airlines has made it possible to take a short flight from New York directly into N.A.R. Robinson Airport (Crown Point), Tobago. Caribbean Airlines is the national air carrier of Trinidad and Tobago and has in the past few years upgraded its service tremendously. It is known for friendly flight attendants and punctuality. Caribbean Airlines also offer domestic flight between the Islands and makes it possible, to take a short and inexpensive trip from Tobago to Trinidad. Caribbean Airlines allows checked luggage: Two pieces, maximum weight per bag: 23kgs (50lbs). Hand luggage: 1 piece 10kgs (22lbs)
Another Airline serving passengers on domestic flights as well as flight within the Caribbean countries is the private charter flight company Briko, located in Trinidad. Briko operates small air craft (Cessna, max. 8 seats.) Flying with Briko allows for “flight seeing” the Caribbean Islands.
British Airways
Flying from London, UK, they serve Tobago at the moment twice a week: on Monday and Friday during the high season (winter) and Thursday and Saturday during the low season (summer). Check in luggage: 1 piece, max 50 lbs; Hand luggage: ONE bag; max per bag: 51 lbs.
Virgin Atlantic
The only Airline flying from the UK (London) nonstop to Tobago is Virgin Atlantic, operating a Boing 747 Jumbo jet. The Airline is known for its good service and comfort aboard the aircrafts and serves Tobago at the moment once a week, flying to Tobago every Thursday. Check in luggage: 1 piece, max per bag: 50 lbs; hand luggage: ONE bag; max per bag: 13 lbs.
Monarch Airlines
Monarch offers the most inexpensive flights between the UK and Tobago. The flight leaves London Gatwick every Wednesday morning; the return flight is nonstop. Hand baggage max 5 kg of weight. Checked in luggage should not exceed 20 kg in 1 bag.
From Continental Europe there is Condor Airways operating one flight weekly every Monday. The flight leaves Frankfurt/Main International Airport in the early afternoon; the return flight stops over in Barbados. One carry-on item max 6 kg Check in Luggage max 20 kg.
If you need more info, visit: www.