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Friday, March 26, 2010

Still here - you are missing out!


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Here is a taste of what you have missed out on lately

Win a trip for 2 to Gold Coast Australia valued at over $10,000. Yeah I thought that might get your attention - the good news is this is still open, and you can enter 20 times, but only on the Boarding Area site (follow the link - do it now).

Several more posts in the How to get to series with more good advice on how to get anywhere as cheaply and affordably as possible.

Reports on flying in comfort in a private jet to get the very best frequent flyer elite status benefits around, as well as flying in rather less comfort on a low cost airline redeye flight.

News on major changes to Air New Zealand shorthaul product coming later this year.

A series of posts answering dozens of frequent flyer questions, offering lots of snippets of advice and information.

Information and traveler advice on upcoming strikes at British Airways (mid and late March) and Air France (late March).

Ways to get the coveted exit row seats on many airlines.

Changes to USA passenger rights which come into effect next month. They are quite different to EU passenger rights.

Why you should avoid New York JFK airport until July (at least).

There are lots more posts. You can read them all at Musings of The Global Traveller.

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