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Thursday, January 01, 2009


Last updated 30 January 2010

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Useful references
Flight info by flightstats - look up flight information for all airports, all airlines, all routes
Flyertalk - frequent flyer and frequent stayer community
Great circle mapper - look up distances between any airports & plot basic route maps (link to old version here)
Our airports - look up airports nearby any address, sorted by distance
Visa info by timatec - look up visa requirements for all nationalities, for all countries

Good blogs
Airline Route News - very useful updates of new and changed schedules & routes for all major airlines (international focus)
the Art of Non Conformity - Chris Guillebeau says what we're all dreaming and thinking, inspirational (he's also travelling everywhere & writes a bit about it)
Backpacking Chica - girl meets world
Camels and Chocolate - personal stuff by a travel addict & travel writer
the Cranky Flier - good insight into (mainly USA) airline news
Europe String - travels around Europe on a budget
Everything Everywhere - Gary Arndt wants to go everywhere and this is his site which records his travels in words and pictures
Family Travel Logue - great information and advice for travel with families
Flight Wisdom - news and views on flying
Gadling - group travel blog with some great bloggers
the Gate - blogs about some of the interesting discussion on Flyer Talk
Going Local Travel -
Grumpy Traveller - travel writer vents
How to Travel the World -
Indie Travel Podcast - great travel info and advice by travellers for travellers
J the Travel Authority - avid traveller
Jim's Travel Tips - sound advice for new travelers especially
Lee Abbamonte - wants to go to every TCC "country"
Malcontentist - wittily against stupidity everywhere
Nerds Eye View - great travel snark who takes fantastic pictures
Nomadic Matt -
Notes from the Road - awesome travelogue (great pictures, paintings & sketches)
One Mile at a Time - mileage running, USA airline news and frequent flyer advice
the Perrin Post - great travel consumer advice and deals from Wendy Perrin (& her team)
Roaming Tales - great travel writing and often thought provoking
Round the World and other travels - reports of trips by frequent flyer
Schneier on Security - Bruce Schneier's common sense security advice and news
Travel Answerman - aggregation of travel advice and info
A Travel Around the World - couple take a year out from work to travel around the world
Travel Rants - UK bias but tackles some good issues, not afraid to spark debate or controversy
Un Road Warrior - fairly new blog with advice for the frequent (or not so frequent) traveler
Upgrade : Travel Better - tips on travelling better, and more (mainly USA) airline news
View from the Wing - frequent flyer advice and promotions
the Wandering Aramean - avid flyer, with great advice and information
Wanderings. Andy E Williams - a writer who travels
Without Baggage -

Cool Travel Guide - personal travel blog of travel writer extraordinaire Lara Dunston
Frugal Travel Guy -
IAG blog - travel industry news (mostly about airlines)
John MacIlree's blog - great insight into international air travel treaties by one of the negotiators the Lost Girls - originally 3 women travelling around the world, now their travels continue & posts on others travels (how to plan a RTW trip post)
Mike's Flying - general aviation pilot (small a/c) flying around Australia
MRC Aviation - New Zealand aviation news
Musings of the Global Traveller - just checking if anyone reads this
Real Cheap Air Fares - alerts for the cheapest air fares from NZ
Travel Babel - an eclectic mix of travel related posts by a travel writer
Write to Travel - mostly on writing aspect of travel writing, but with plenty of links to interesting travel stuff too


Vivek Raghunathan said...


Thanks for your tips man. I've been constantly reading you from FT and continued here.

Keep up the good work.



Vi said...

Would love to be listed here too :)