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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Time is an Illusion

Somehow I manage to fit in more when travelling than I do when at home. It's as if the change in timezones has slowed down time and thus allowed more to be done.

A case in point this weekend in Perth. After an enjoyable day in the sun listening to jazz and blues at the West Coast Blues N Roots Festival at Freemantle, I still found time to stop in the city en route to the airport to fit in some shopping and even a haircut.

But it wasn't until I was back at the airport that time came back to reality with a thump. Flight delayed probably 9 1/2 hours. Ahh - that knocks out my next two flights also. It's at times of irregular ops that airline can stand out for great (or bad) performance. I'll post an update on how it works out.

1 comment:

pinayexpat said...

Ugh! Murphy's Law!

Had it been possible to know in advance, you could still have squeezed in a date at the spa.

So... what did you do for 9 1/2 hours?!