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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Class Comparison

Inside Flyer has an article this month comparing economy, business and first class.

"First and business class equates to more space, better service and faster
mileage accumulation, but all of this comes at a price -- be it in the form of
money or mileage redemption. We tell you when it's worth parting with your cash
or miles for an upgrade and when it's best to stay put."

No surprises that more space is the number one reason given for choosing business or first class. The article includes a summary table of frequent flyer mileage accrual on various programs in each class - discount economy, economy, business and first. However, the table omits to mention each FFP has its own definition of what is included as discount economy. I was also disappointed the table didnt include some more european and asian programs - there are several programs that offer much better earning rates for business and first class than those shown (eg Lufthansa Miles and More).

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