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Friday, August 18, 2006

Taking Things for Granted

Return Check In

The airlines I fly most often allow passengers travelling without checked baggage for a short return trip to check in for the return leg at the same time as the first leg. This is a boon for those short on time. It is also good for odd circumstances - like when you visit Singapore and want to return to the airport in the middle of the night when the check in desks are closed, having the return board pass enables you to make use of the 24/7 immigration facility.

I am so used to doing this that I recently got a surprise when a certain airport/airline combination was unable to do return check in for me. Less useful time for me.

Preferred Seats

Everyone has a different preference for seats. Savvy travellers will even have different preferences according to airline, class of travel, aircraft type and seat configuration.

Most people like seats in 747 upper deck exit row, since this row has the most leg room and space of any (for the relevant class of travel). So I was surprised on a recent flight that a passenger insisted on being moved out of the exit row. In case you are wondering the flight was almost 100% full so it was not a matter of wanting to move to a row with an empty seat beside him.

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