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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Carry On Luggage Update

Since 10 August I've had a few flights in and between various countries. My experiences with security have been very mixed.

Some places in Asia-Pacific region there are no changes, except for flights to US or UK having no liquids or gels. Where duty free is available, there is an extra check of the boarding pass to see if flying to a restricted flight - in which case the duty free booze must be delivered sealed to the gate. Screening is no different to normal, nor is check in. I understand from friends that there are some countries in Asia that also have no liquids rule - eg Philippines.

Whereas my first trip to North America (post 10 August) I experienced the effect of the restrictions for the first time. Extra questioning at check in. Secondary screening at gate and mandatory pat down :-( No footwear through the WTMD (walk through metal detector), not even those paper foot covers or ultra-slim plastic slippers. In Vancouver airport, the airside water fountains were even disabled - forcing thirsty passengers waiting for their flight to pay for an overpriced drink at a retail outlet or drink from the bathroom (yuk). The only positives were that queues everywhere were shorter (less people travelling) and with much less carry-ons (by some people) boarding was almost as fast as in Asia-Pacific region.

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jhm said...

My first experience with these restrictions was at FRA on Tuesday for FRA-LHR.

I went through security prior to the gates and was told that they are now adopting US style measures, i.e. shoes off and a mandatory pat down. I also had my carry on swabbed.

After that, I walked less than 50 metres down the corridor to come across ANOTHER security checkpoint which I was told was for flights to the UK - shoes off and my carry on swabbed again!