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Friday, October 20, 2006

Experimental Travel

An article in this month's Silver Kris magazine intrigued me as it struck a chord.

In the words of Joel Henry who came up with the concept "experimental travel is travel with constraints that at the same time liberate you from the limitations and expectations of classic tourism"

What does it mean? Perhaps it is easiest to explain by way of example (there are lots of different variations - see for a bigger list).

A-Z travel. In a town or city, find the first and last streets alphabetically and travel between them (doesn't necessarily have to be a straight line between).

Airport travel. Spend 24 (or 48) hours at an airport. Enjoy the lounges, shops and eateries. Watch the ever changing departures board.

Counter travel. At famous landmarks, take pictures in the opposite direction (ie with your back to the landmark).

K2 expedition. Go to the place located at map reference K2.

As with a lot (all?) of travel experiences, Lonely Planet has a guide.

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