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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Unlimited pass not attractive second time around

Some readers may recall last year a Flyer Talker, mtacchi, used an Air Canada unlimited travel pass to great effect - earning 1 million miles within 2 months (Flyer Talk thread and blog).

It seems Air Canada and Aeroplan, whilst happy at the time to bask in the unexpected press coverage, now wants to make sure that no one else can emulate his feat. Their latest unlimited travel passes come with fixed mileage earning (based on fare type of the pass), regardless of how much use. The fixed mileage is a paltry amount - for the highest fare category only 15,000 miles a month.

Given the other restrictions on the passes, eg travel not allowed on Mondays or Fridays, it is hard to see where the market for this product may be. Air Canada please lighten up a little - it isn't likely many have the time and patience to do what mtacchi did (and in any case some of the new restrictions bite also).

It isn't attractive to businesses due to the need to pre-pay and restrictions make it uncertain whether they will get value for money. It isn't attractive to mileage runners with a pathetic return well over 10+ cents per mile. And it is expensive for the weekend leisure traveller.

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