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Sunday, July 22, 2007

BAA warning that it will fail to meet service standards at London Heathrow

Oh dear. Still more than 8 months before London Heathrow's (LHR) new T5 terminal opens, and days after news of proposed extra security rules there is more bad news. BAA (the airport operator) is already warning that it will not meet the minimum service standards required by it's regulator, the British Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) (source Times Online). Apparently BAA is fined if they don't meet certain standards, and would like this waived during the lengthy opening and terminal shuffle process. It is dreadful to think their current performance is somehow deemed acceptable, let alone the significant worsening that BAA is warning of.

It is particularly nasty of BAA to compare the terminal shuffle (which they've been preparing for years) with a terrorist attack (which normally has no advance warning). For the sake of all travellers who must endure Heathrow, I hope the CAA finally starts acting with the teeth that it's regulatory powers provide and does not cave into BAA's request.

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