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Sunday, July 29, 2007

How Walkable is your Hotel?

A thread on Flyer Talk alerted me to a (new?) website that is handy for travellers. The website is called Walk Score. Plug in an address (say the hotel you are considering staying at) and it assesses the walkability of that address - based on nearness of grocery stores, coffee shops, bars, restaurants, etc. While not geared to travellers it is of interest (at least to me), for not only does it give a score but it shows you on a map the nearest places and lists the distances to those places.

Hopefully some more traveller friendly factors can be added, such as access to public transport systems.

For example, Hilton Times Square gets a score of 98 out of 100, while Courtyard by Marriott JFK gets a score of only 43 out of 100.

Currently it does not work too well with non-US addresses, although they advise they are working on it.

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Greg said...

Great find! I've already passed it on to some of my friends.