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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

London Heathrow T5

British Airways (BA) is laying on the publicity about their new terminal 5 (T5) at London Heathrow (due to open 27 March).

In the past few weeks I've received invites to take a sneak peek from no less than 3 different sources at BA. Unfortunately none of the invites come with a ticket to London (hint hint) and my next planned visit is after the opening.

The picture above is the Gold Bar in the first class lounge (rebranded to Galleries First).

Some more pictures of T5 are available here at Flickr.

For those travelling on BA late March, I suggest keeping an eye out on the news (or blogosphere) for disruptions. Not only is there the major terminal shift at London Heathrow, but potentially both cabin crew and pilots may be striking around then (neither have balloted yet but the timing fits).

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