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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Frequent flyer mileage not crediting automatically

I have no idea why it is happening, but lately a high percentage of my flights have not been crediting mileage to my frequent flyer programs (FFP) automatically. This has been across a few different airline and FFP combinations, even sometimes when crediting to the FFP of the airline operating the flight!

Maybe it just is a coincidence - I've also had long periods without any problems. But it sure is annoying. Some programs make missing mileage requests simple and painless. Fill in an online form and you are done. Unfortunately some online forms only allow claims for their own flights. Other programs have a more complicated process and require effort - hunting down an e-ticket number for example, or mailing in originals of boarding passes and tickets. Some FFPs say they require the boarding pass and tickets to be mailed in but in practice accept faxed copies or even an email outlining the required details. I guess they state a harder line to deter some requests, which is poor form in my view.

In general, if I can't do it online and have an elite status member contact that I can validly use, then I'll use that person to chase up the mileage requests. That sure beats having to snail mail stuff half way around the world to the mailing address of a FFP, hoping it doesn't get lost en route (or paying for expensive registered mail) and waiting weeks for any action. But, it would be better for me and for the FFPs, if they all had online missing mileage claim forms.

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