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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More disruptions for American Airlines, and better news for British Airways

Just a week after I posted a blog entry about major disruptions to some airlines, in which I said American Airlines MD-80s had been out for wiring checks and completed, there is more bad news. From, today's grounding is due to checks on, wait for it, wiring. Huh? Did they only look at one aspect the other week?

I bet this isn't the last one in the series of temporary groundings by FAA.

Meanwhile, British Airways is at last back to normal operating levels in London Heathrow Terminal T5, that is apart from the backlog of undelivered bags. I hope it stays that way, and that both BA (the airline) and BAA (the airport operator) have learnt some lessons ahead of the next phase of the great terminal shuffle - most flights being moved from terminal T4 to T5.

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