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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Tweet this

I added a tweet this button to my blog recently. I thought it would be a 2 minute job, but it ended up taking quite a bit longer. There are a number of different versions of code available for Blogger that each do slightly different things, and it took me a while to see which one I liked best.
Personally I prefer it to open a separate window rather than just replacing my blog in the active window, and if I already have Twitter open I do not want it to ask me again to log in.

I also looked for code that allows me to customise the default twitter message. I didn't find something quite as flexible as I'd like - the code I've gone with forces the link at the start of the tweet. If anyone knows a work around or better code please let me know.

Hopefully, these features are what you like too. Please let me know if I've made the right or wrong choice.

For those who want to add the code to their own blog, see this Blogger Buster how to add "tweet this" post with the code and very clear instructions on how to do it. As suggested by M&M I added a space after "Tweet this!", and also amended the default tweet wording to include @globtrav so I can easily see who is tweeting my posts.

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