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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

BA Announce Major Changes to Carry On and Checked Luggages

It's been a busy few weeks travelling and a few close shaves with major weather delays. I've also had some unplanned burning of a lot of miles for a funeral and a honeymoon (no, not mine). But I digress, the topic for today is British Airway's upcoming changes to both carry on and checked baggage allowances including (apparently) strict enforcement.

I reported over a month ago that changes were coming, and now it is official - both emailed and on BA's website. From July the weight limit on carry-on goes, but strictly 1 main piece plus a smaller personal item able to be fitted under seat in front. Carrying a bag, briefcase and umbrella/suit bag (or even my favourite some duty free)? Under the new rules that will be one too many. From October checked bags will be limited to 23kg (50lb) per piece, and 1 piece for most passengers (2 for travel to/from USA & Canada, and 2 for first/business/world traveller plus). Over the weight limit and you'll need to remove items, get an extra bag and if over the maximum number of pieces be charged a hefty fee (120 pounds for longhaul!).

All reports to date are suggesting enforcement will be strict (and not only at check in, security will be assisting the airlines) with no room for leeway. It remains to be seen whether this will be possible, but it is concerning enough to many regular flyers who have come up with lots of bad scenarioes. Eg see Flyer Talk's BA forum discussion.

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