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Friday, June 23, 2006

Is There A Doctor Onboard?

As has happened all too often this year again I hear the call "is there a doctor onboard?". I don't know whether travellers are getting sicker or airlines are being more careful in a litigious society, but it seems to me that this announcement is being made more and more often. A few years ago the call for a doctor was very rare (at least on my flights), yet this year perhaps one in six longhaul flights has the call.

Personally I hope to never need medical attention in the air, nor for any travel companions. However it is very reassuring to know that in most cases a doctor is willing to help out should the need arise. The airlines are also doing their part - in this most recent example Singapore Airlines gave the doctor an upgrade from economy to first class for helping out. Not only is this rewarding a kind soul but is also recognition that without the help of medically trained passengers there is a risk of needing a costly diversion en route.

Heres to all the selfless doctors and nurses who help out in the air.


Darren said...

I've been viciously sick on an airplane, with a really high fever. You haven't vomited until you've vomited in an airplane bathroom.

They did ask if a doctor was on board. The fllight attendant encouraged me to do so, because he happened to know that there was 'a cute one up in first class."

The Global Traveller said...

I presume the doctor treated you and you were made as comfortable as possible for the rest of the flight.