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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Call roaming in flight

We've known for a while that it has been coming, but this week Emirates confirmed the launch of in-flight mobile phone service from January 2007.

Calls will be treated as international roaming and limited to 5 live calls at any one time.

Nonetheless I am not looking forward to it. At the moment, flights are one of the few places you can avoid the problem of the phone loudmouth. Having someone sitting nearby who hasn't switched their phone to silent and get lots of calls on a 12+ hour flight will not be pleasant, especially if their ringtone is Crazy Frog.

Will flyers be able to request a phone free zone?

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Gnomidala said...

If your phone supports mp3 ringtones - you can always get a nice crazy frog hit from
I completely polluted my Xmas party with this annoying thing ;-)