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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Aircraft changes

It is worthwhile checking your itineraries from time to time.

On an upcoming trip I had half a chance of again getting the new Singapore Airlines business class (see my brief report on my earlier experience plus the intial report when new product was launched). For I had deliberately routed on a flight which stood a reasonable chance of getting the new 77W aircraft. For bookings made after a route is confirmed, Singapore Airlines charges a hefty surcharge. For speculative bookings, like mine, there is no surcharge. Alas I miss by a day with the flights the day before and after both getting the new seats etc. My flight gets the old ones (still good). Just in case there is a switch, I've selected seats that will be okay in both aircraft types.

Another flight on the same routing has been upgauged from a shorthaul to longhaul aircraft. Woohoo - more legroom, and a switch of seat to best suit the aircraft now operating the flight.

On a different trip, the seat map against my booking has changed. I looked this up in the relevant website for the airline's (British Airways if you are interested) CRS - see my earlier post about CRS and associated lookup websites for a quick overview. Since the seat map doesn't match any of the published seat maps for the airline I was able to deduce it is one of the aircraft which they are in the process of reconfiguring and refurbishing. There is still plenty of time for an aircraft swap on the flight, so I'll be keeping an eye open.

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