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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Qantas business & first class improvements, only for some

As a few more details come out following the announcement of improvements to Qantas business and first class longhaul offerings, some of the gloss has come off.

An insider posted on Flyer Talk that the new offerings will only be available on certain flights. So far no rule of thumb has been provided but it looks like only the most prime of routes are included for some of the new amenities. Confusingly, some routes with multiple flights have the improvements on certain flights but not others. Also some routes offer the extra amenities in one direction but not the reverse (both long overnight flights). Some flights will not have the improved amenities as offered on some other flights that are shorter. This is going to annoy the premium flyers which I'd expect Qantas are targetting.

I'm familiar with some airlines offering extra amenities in first or business class based on aircraft type, length of flight, or overnight vs daylight. I'm not aware of such an arbitrary allocation on any other airline.

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