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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Around the world by land and sea

As I get ready for my next around the world trip, I came across the blog of Phileas Fogg (make that Mark Schatzker) who is currently also travelling around the world. But while I speed across the skies, Mark will be travelling by land and sea - no transport faster than 100 mph - and plans to take 80 days.

I'm enjoying the frequent updates.

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ronben said...

Having taken a trip around the world (3.5 years) 32 years ago with my girlfriend- I have no regrets. We worked in both Holland and Japan. The entire trip was made by land except where impossible. Certainly a high point in my life. A great opportunity to find out who you are and what it means to be an American (as in my case). Reading the Economist was never the same again. It certainly altered my viewpoint about religion and work as well. Highly recommended !