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Monday, September 28, 2009

How to get to | Bhutan

This is part of a series of blog entries on how to get to countries and places. Here is a link to the index. I plan to eventually cover every country and some other places. If you have a request for a particular country or place please use the email me link at top right, or leave a comment.

Source: Douglas J McLaughlin
There are few ways to visit Bhutan. There are 2 roads into the country, one airport and no trains. The only airline flying to Paro is the national airline Druk Air with flights from Bangladesh, India (Delhi & Kolkata), Nepal and Thailand.
A visit to Bhutan does not come cheaply. All visitors must either enter or leave by air, you cannot both arrive and depart by land. Air fares are very high and Druk Air is not a partner of any airline or alliance (thus no discounted flights or awards). To obtain a visa you must prebook accommodation & guide at US$200 per day.
TIP Bangkok and Delhi are cheaper transit points for a visit to Bhutan than the other options.
TIP The flight between Kathmandu and Paro is one of the most scenic in the world as the route hugs the mountain passes and valleys of the Himalayas. This flight originates in Delhi, so to be sure of getting a window seat book from Delhi.

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