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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How to get to | Scotland

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Source: Klaus Hermsen

There are lots of ways to reach Scotland. Buses are much cheaper than trains. Ferries operate from Northern Ireland, continental Europe and Scandanavia. Many airlines fly to Scotland, mostly shorthaul flights, including:
  • Star Alliance - bmi (domestic only), Continental (Edinburgh & Glasgow), Lufthansa, SAS, US Airways (Glasgow)
  • Oneworld - British Airways (domestic only)
  • Sky Team - Air France, KLM
  • Other Selected - Emirates (Glasgow), Pakistan International Airlines (Glasgow), many European low cost carriers

TIP Flights within United Kingdom on the main airlines (British Airways and bmi) are relatively expensive). Try low cost alternatives (but note these may use alternate airports eg Ryanair uses Preswick rather than the main Glasgow airport).

TIP If travelling to UK from outside Europe it is usually much cheaper to include the domestic flight to & from Scotland on British Airways or bmi on the longhaul ticket than buying a separate domestic ticket. If you don't need to visit London then the continental European major airlines also have competitive fares (Air France, KLM, Lufthansa).

UPDATED November 2009 - Continental switch from Sky Team to Star Alliance. No change to advice.

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Rory said...

I have to disagree with the point about domestic flights. I've flown from London to Edinburgh/Glasgow hundreds of times and the reality is that, if you're booking in advance, BA/BMI are often cheaper than easyJet or Ryanair - particularly when you factor in the time/cost of getting to alernative airports (especially if you're flying Ryanair to Prestwick). That's before we start to talk about luggage fees.

I have several flights booked in the coming months between London and Edinburgh, in each case, BA was cheaper than easyJet or BMI.