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Sunday, September 06, 2009

How to get to | Djibouti

This is part of a series of blog entries on how to get to countries and places. Here is a link to the index. I plan to eventually cover every country and some other places. If you have a request for a particular country or place please use the email me link at top right, or leave a comment.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

There is no easy way to arrive and depart Djibouti. There is an infrequent train from Addis Ababa. Otherwise there are some bus/taxi services with neighbouring countries on an irregular schedule (generally less than daily). Very few airlines fly to Djibouti, and they include:
  • Star Alliance - none
  • Oneworld - none
  • Sky Team - Air France, Kenya Airways
  • Other selected - Djibouti Airlines, Ethiopian, Yemenia

TIP With few travellers and scarce flights, fares are high. Book early if using frequent flyer miles or a Sky Team around the world fare.

TIP A few airlines fly between Addis Ababa and Djibouti (city), which is the only route with meaningful competition.

TIP If travelling by land allow plenty of travel time as both trains and buses are very slow on poor tracks/roads.

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