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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mega party - mega fun

Last week I was at Flyer Talk's star mega do - 7 Partners, 6 Airports, 5 Flights, 4 Days, 3 Aircraft, 2 Continents and 1 Alliance. It was a lot of fun (even though I only made it to half the event I'm still recovering).

Rather than ramble on here about what over 200 flying enthusiasts did for several days, I'll link to various sites with reports on the happenings.

Star Mega Do Flyer Talk thread (warning very long).

Trip reports
My trip report on Flyer Talk (includes travel to and from the party).

Colpuck's trip report.
LN-MOW's trip report.
SkiAdcock's trip report.
Violist's trip report.

Live blogging by Randy Petersen (The frequent flyer guru).
Live blogging by sbm12 (official Do blogger).

Pictures and video
Video of aborted landing at Toulouse.
Picture from outside of final approach at Toulouse.
Pictures from

seatmap for ORD-EWR
seatmap for JFK-FRA
seatmap for FRA-OSL-TLS-FRA

Please let me know if you have other links for the party, and I'll add them.

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