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Friday, February 12, 2010

Competitours - experience Europe in personalised "Amazing Race"

Last year I wrote about the launch of Competitours - a cross between the traditional European tours, independent travel and The Amazing Race. It seems the initial tours went well for Competitours is back again for 2010 with apparently not many tweaks, at least on the surface. Published dates run from May to August.

For frequent flyers and frequent stayers, there are now discounts available if using miles for the trans-Atlantic flights and points for a couple of hotel nights.

This will be great for the young at heart, with a sense of adventure, looking for a "safe" journey. For those looking for a greater challenge and to experience more of the world, there is an alternative - the Global Scavenger Hunt. Entries are still being accepted for the 2010 round which is in April.


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