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Friday, February 05, 2010

My Mileage Expired (times two)

Despite recently outlining the mileage expiry policies for many frequent flyer programs, I've just lost a few thousand miles from 2 different programs.

I had a small balance of Singapore Airlines Kris Flyer miles from several Silk Air flights which cannot credit to any Star Alliance program and also some miscredited miles when the PPS double dip hasn't worked properly with amounts too small to chase up a reversal. Thanks to the helpful upcoming expiry tables provided I have known for some time these miles were about to expire. I don't have enough for any award, and no matter how I looked at topping up the account I could always find more value in crediting to another program instead. So most of my balance has gone. I still have a small residual amount from a recent Silk Air flight.

Emirates Skywards is even more user friendly about mileage expiry in that you can send yourself a reminder alert on a date of your choosing, and like an alarm can then snooze and send a new reminder on another date of your choosing. I'd previously cashed out most of my accumulated miles but had a small balance some of which was due to expire at the end of January. As with Kris Flyer, to avoid the expiry I'd need to add more points to redeem any award. Since Emirates significantly devalued their program the opportunity cost of the extra points was worth more than the value of any reasonably attainable awards. So I let those miles expire also.

Combining the mileage expiries with little travel, my net frequent flyer mileage accrual for the year to 1 February is the lowest it has been in many years.


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