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Friday, June 05, 2009

Domestic travel

Today is my first domestic flight in a month (although I've had several international trips). It seems an age - some years I have 200 domestic flights - a month is a long time.

I keep forgetting how lucky we have it despite the never ending changes and gripes about cutbacks. Within a minute of arriving at the airport I am in the lounge having already cleared security. I'll have another coffee from the in-lounge barista in a minute. There is no need to pay for lounge access as my frequent flyer status gives free access (unlike in USA).

There is no check-in required, my e-pass rfid tag is read at the gate as I board. If I didn't have a bit of work to do first, I could have arrived at the airport as little as 10 minutes before departure.

Online I have had the option to select and change seats at any time since making the booking.

There is no IFE but I have a paper from the lounge and hopefully a great view out the window.

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Nabeel said...

Wow, luxuries of frequent traveling.