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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flying finale

I've flown about a dozen times on inaugural flights - the first time an airline flies a route, or starts a network. The other day I flew my first flight finale - the last time an airline flies a route or network.

Qantas (Jetconnect) has stopped flying domestically in New Zealand after 7 years, to be replaced by low cost carrier Jetstar. This is a shame - the Jetconnect staff & crew are by far the friendliest and most helpful people in the Qantas group, and many have been redeployed or lost their jobs. The domestic lounges have a reprieve, but this will only be temporary.

The finale was a sad day for many of their frequent flyers also, and I'm glad I got one last chance to fly Qantas in New Zealand, and to visit the domestic Qantas Clubs one last time.


Darryl said...

Hi there,
As one of the crew on the last flight into Wgn, just want to say thanks for all your kind comments about Jetconnect crew. Chch base has closed and some of them chose to move to Auckland to work for Jetconnect on our Tasman flights. We are now providing all Tasman flights for Qantas except the 25 which originates in Melbourne going onto Auckland and LA, and the Syd/Queenstown flights. Please come and fly with us real soon! We are still happy, friendly and fantastic!!!!

The Global Traveller said...

Thanks @Darryl

Across the Tasman on Qantas I mostly fly to/from Sydney on 767, but I have some Jetconnect flights coming up too.