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Monday, December 14, 2009

British Airways strike confirmed 22 Dec to 2 Jan

The results of the BA cabin crew ballot are in, and a British Airways strike for 12 days over Christmas has been announced. Sometime today BA will respond with an announcement on how it intends to deal with the strike and assist affected passengers.

The risk averse, particularly those flying BA on or before Christmas Day, should already have made or now be making alternative plans (eg see my previous post on the potential strike).

Passengers affected by the strike, some of whom do not have the option of buying an extra ticket on another airline, rerouting voluntarily or changing dates, are waiting to see what help BA will provide (as they must under EU reg 261/2004). BA should start contacting passengers flying on 22nd in the next couple of days and then continue with passengers flying on later dates.

In my case I have 3 BA flights in the strike period, none in the first couple of days of it. I am sitting tight for now - there is a chance the strike may be called off. If it is not then I have some unpalatable choices about contingencies to make later this week. I have already researched other airline options to my destinations, and backup accommodation if I get stuck en route. I won't be waiting too long to make any changes because the alternatives will quickly sell out now the strike has been confirmed.

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