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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Seasons greetings

I haven't posted much in the last week or so due to a crazy travel schedule that has seen me spend more time in the air than on the ground.

While I'm waiting for my next flight supping sake in the airline lounge, I want to wish all readers the best for the holiday season and the year ahead.

There will be more posts shortly. Some based on my odd travel experiences of the past few weeks, some based on the unfolding travel security rules and processes, as well as the usual mix of travel news, issues, inspiration, information and advice.


flipnomad said...

happy new year fellow blogger

Anonymous said...


I really like reading your blogs.

I'd like to thank you for a travel tip that you have posted some time ago, as I recently visited Wharariki and loved it too.

My tip, if you like cycling and bridges, cycling along the Shimanami kaido (from Imabari to Onomichi or vice versa) in Shikoku, Japan.

all the best, and happy travelling, for 2010!