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Monday, December 21, 2009

Unusual travel week

The past week has had an odd mix of travel highs and lows for me.

  • An inaugural flight.
  • 3 strikes threatening my next trip.
  • Race to rearrange travel as a consequence.
  • Strike called off.
  • Got middle economy seat after last minute flight cancellation, my first middle seat in years (I usually go for an aisle seat in economy - yes I have been spoilt).
  • Fantastically scenic but odd flight (scheduled once per week) to complete (for now) my aim of flying every flight in Air NZ network.
  • Stay at a newly renovated hotel which has also just converted to a major chain.
  • Preparations for upcoming trip.
  • Reflection on the journeys I have taken this year.
  • Planning for some 2010 travel.

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