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Friday, January 29, 2010

My travel week

Despite now having endured 4 weeks without a single flight, this past week was a good one for travel stuff.

Attend the media launch for Air New Zealand's new longhaul product - skycouch and space seats being the major innovations. See my posts on high level summary, detail of the new longhaul seats, and some implications of the changes.

Have a second look at the Air New Zealand new longhaul product - invited as one of their top frequent flyers.

First hotel stay for the year - initial step for requalifying.

Article for Indietravelpodcast on flight security rule changes.

Book some tickets for travel later in the year.

Prep for the upcoming move of Musings of The Global Traveller to Boarding Area. I hope you'll like the new location and fresh new look.

Work on a new series of posts answering frequent flyer questions.

Count down the days until my next trip. I can't wait - the travel sirens dominate my dreams.

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