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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Non-contract alliance lounges

Elite frequent flyers look for lounges operated by alliance airlines to maximise the benefits. Elite status passengers can be flying any alliance airline to gain admittance to the appropriate airline operated lounge subject to lounge access rules and access to the portion of the terminal, whereas contract lounges are only available to those flying the specific airline(s) which has contracted for access.

Despite flying to 700 destinations in 142 countries (as at December 2009), Oneworld has about 300 non-contract lounges in only 133 destinations. I've visited 63 of these lounges, in 19 different countries.

It is similar with Star Alliance - they have 1077 destinations in 175 countries (as at December 2009) but only 350 non-contract lounges in 165 destinations. I've visited 109 of these lounges, in 35 countries.

Despite the gaps (some of which do have contract lounges available to elite and premium passengers), the global coverage of airline lounges is rather good. This is invaluable to people who are always on the move, although I wish more lounges have my two "necessities" - showers and internet computers.

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