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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

TSA PR & blog gone awol

The past couple of weeks have had lots of security incidents and news, and yet curiously the TSA blog has been largely silent with their last posting well over a week ago.

Surely a period when we have had the following incidents (and more) is a time for more information and PR in order to reassure the travelling public, and not a time to shut up?

  • Underpants bomber failed attempt.
  • Temporary new security rules (last hour of flight remain in seat with no IFE and no items in your lap).
  • Another suspected terrorist (the next day) spent "too long" in the lavatory because he had food poisoning and not because he was concocting a bomb.
  • Botched attempt to find source of documents on the new security rules by subpoena'ing 2 bloggers (Chris Elliott and Steven Frischling) who published the widely disseminated documents.
  • Apparently permanent new security rules (pat down and bag search for all passengers flying from other countries to USA).
  • Newark terminal shut-down where security failed to spot someone bypassing security by entering an exit door until hours later.
  • Honey being mistaken for an explosives device shutting down a Californian airport.

It has been a bad couple of weeks for TSA. I'm shocked at the lack of care in the incidents, but also at the lack of appropriate treatment in communicating well with travellers.

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