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Monday, July 20, 2009

How to get to | Albania

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Source: A Dombrowski

There are buses from most neighbouring countries to Tirana, or you can drive (check that insurance covers Albania). There are no trains. Flight options to Albania include:
  • Star Alliance - Adria, Austrian, Lufthansa, Turkish
  • Oneworld - British Airways, Malev
  • Sky Team - Alitalia
  • Other selected - Albanian

TIP there is not much competition for flights to Albania, other than from Rome & Milan

TIP if driving or taking a bus allow plenty of time - roads are not generally as good as in other Balkan countries

Here is a link to a post about my visit to Albania earlier this year.

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tycho said...

Albania has been 'off the radar' literally in the cold war, totally secluded. So we don't have the same facilities as other countries. Yet. Working on that hard!

You can find really nice hotels when traveling through our little country though;