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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Swine flu update #7

I previously blogged on the impacts of H1N1 (swine flu) on travel, what to do about the potential impacts and how savvy travellers can benefit.This is an update on how the potential impacts are developing.

A reminder that for medical advice or up to the minute information on the spread of swine flu, check out the World Health Organization (WHO) website. Note they call it H1N1 Influenza A instead of swine flu.

Current swine flu status

WHO has acknowledged swine flu is both widespread and not particularly severe. The requirements on countries to report cases is gone. The data from the past few weeks has been poor in any case due to significant under-reporting of the number of cases.

Current impacts on travel

Not much has changed since my last swine flu update 3 weeks ago. China is still quaranting both travellers who are sick and those travelling with them. Some airlines are denying travel to those who are obviously sick - that is not unique to flu and is normal practice.

Airfare and accommodation sales continue unabated. It is a great time to be booking trips.

Tokelau has introduced a compulsory 1 week quarantine on all visitors arriving from Samoa. The only way to get to Tokelau is by boat from Samoa.


As long as swine flu doesn't strengthen significantly I think those who have been put off by travel (or ordered to by their companies) due to H1N1 will return to traveling within 6 months. When the number of travelers increases materially the bargains will start drying up. Act now and book some more travel.

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