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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

How to get to | Cyprus

This is part of a series of blog entries on how to get to countries and places. Here is a link to the index. I plan to eventually cover every country and some other places. If you have a request for a particular country or place please use the email me link at top right, or leave a comment.


Source: Wikimedia Commons

There are ferries between Turkey and Northern Cyprus, and Greece and Republic of Cyprus. There may also be ferries between the Republic of Cyprus and Lebanon and Israel depending on the political situation. However, most visitors arrive by air. Airlines flying to Cyprus (to Larnaca unless otherwise specified) include:

  • Star Alliance - Austrian, EgyptAir, LOT, Lufthansa, Swiss, Turkish (Ercan in Northern Cyprus only)
  • Oneworld - British Airways (Larnaca and Paphos), Finnair (Paphos only), Malev, Royal Jordanian
  • Sky Team - Aeroflot, Alitalia, Czech, KLM
  • Other selected - most European low cost carriers, most Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf airlines

TIP It is far easier to arrive and depart from Republic of Cyprus (in the southern part of the island) than Northern Cyprus, unless the previous/next destination is Turkey.

TIP There are no longhaul flights to/from Cyprus however fares are generally similar to or slightly higher than other Mediterranean countries.

TIP Shorthaul business class fares to Cyprus are relatively inexpensive, and award availability is also good.


Daniel said...

Cool, I rarely consider business class fares on shorthaul flights, but will have to start considering it. Thanks for the tip!

Anil said...

It's certainly a bit more difficult to get to N.Cyprus but much less expensive once you get there.

shobe said...

cyprus is a work of art! hehe...but you do lack some tips can refer to where you can learn much better than just tips :)

you can even learn from the people themselves too...

Baraaza is a great travel guide :) so check it out

hostel barcelona said...

Thank's for the tip! i was wondering why I couldn't find cheap flights to N. Cyprus. Now I know. Thanks!